We live in an era of industrialized and impersonal medicine, where time spent with our doctors is kept to a minimum, almost as a science. But it wasn’t always this way. At my grandfather’s funeral, in 2005, hundreds of his patients came to say goodbye. He was a cardiologist in the Chicago area, the son […]

FEW businesses are as local as nightclubs. Or so you might think. But a few hardy entrepreneurs are trying to change that. In 2010 Matt Hermer, the owner of Boujis, a trendy London nightspot, opened a pop-up club (a temporary one) for three days in Hong Kong. Something clicked. Fun-seekers thronged through his doors. Mr […]

FORTUNE — On May 15, the British Parliament held a meeting about Heathrow’s border control problem, in a gilded room with oriental rugs and chairs emblazoned with the crown. Here is the opening question, posed by the chair of the Home Affairs Committee: “Is this a recent phenomenon, or has it been going on for […]

FORTUNE — “Merkozy” is what the press dubbed the symbolic marriage of fortune between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, describing their efforts to hold Europe together through economic crisis. Now a new portmanteau has been coined, mashing the names — and pessimistically describing the relationship — between Merkel and France’s new […]

FORTUNE — At a recent conference at the marbled University Club in New York City, the caveat-filled headline said it all: “Private Equity Investing In For-Profit Education Companies: Despite grumbling from activists & politicians, the industry is getting good results.” For-profit education is indeed growing at a remarkable clip — enrollment in for-profit schools grew […]

WHERE did BarCamp, a get-together of tech geeks (pictured), recently hold its biggest event since its founding in Silicon Valley seven years ago? Not San José, nor Bangalore, nor even Singapore. On February 11th more than 5,000 developers and bloggers gathered in Yangon, the main city of Myanmar, one of the world’s most tech-starved places. […]

FORTUNE — Despite the promise of digital advertising, many ad execs still believe that the best way to captivate an audience is the 30-second television spot. Take, for instance, Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad this year. Clint Eastwood walks amidst the shadows, delivering a dramatic monologue about triumphing in hard times. Industrial scenes of American life […]